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Product Description

Product Description:
The power supply is specially designed for communication devices, with high-precision DC voltage power supply with cut-off protection, which has fast protection speed, timely protection for overload and short circuit of the load, that cut-off output.It is widely used in cell phone maintenance / computer maintenance, LED testing and aging, motor manufacturing, PCB manufacturing, battery, DC fan, etc. It is a good choice for school, laboratory and production line. 
Name: Strengthened Edition Digital Display DC Voltage Regulator Maintenance Power Supply
Material: Plastic Shell
Size: approx.178mm x 125mm x 150mm
Rated voltage: 220V/110 ±10% 50/60HZ
utput voltage: 0——15V(V)
Output current: 0.6——2A(A)
Working Humidity: -10%-40%  <90%
Display: digital display
Version: strengthened Edition
Storage conditions: -20℃-40℃  <80%
Voltage Stability: ≤0.01%  ± 2mV
Load Stability: ≤0.01%  ± 2mV (Imax < 1A)
Signal detection: GSM, CDMA, PHS radio frequency signal
● This power supply is a fully functional power supply for the cell phone maintenance / computer maintenance
● Double LCD display, respectively display: current voltage, current.
● Power supply function: provides 0-15V DC power output function. (Gear adjustment setting voltage output ,smooth adjustment setting the voltage output).
● DC two gear: adjustable between 0.6A-2A
● It has short circuit protection, over current protection and automatic recovery function.
Package Included:
1 x  Power Supply With Power Cable 
2 x Conversion Cable
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