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Dual Channel Virtual Oscilloscope PC Oscilloscope OSC482 50M Sampling 20M Bandwidth
* there is only one oscilloscope in the lab. Everyone is fighting. What should we do?
* every business trip is entangled. Do you need a heavy oscillograph?
* suddenly, with idea, there are no ready test instruments at hand!
* waveform data storage is troublesome. If you can store one key, it will be fine.
* the student party and the oscilloscope can not leave their hands, but the desktop is expensive. What should I do?
These are not problems. With a virtual oscilloscope, as long as a computer, where can the oscilloscope system go?

Product outline:

USB 2.0USB  2 high speed transmission, USB power supply, no additional power, plug and play.
Portable and compactProduct length:   15.25 cm; width 9.32 cm; height 2.31 cm.  weight 230 G.
.net software architectureThe new.Net architecture is more stable and beautiful, with more reliable compatibility.
Support for multiple operating systemsSupport XP, Win  7, Win  8, & nbsp; Win10 32-bit and 64-bit systems, and automatically identify and install drivers on Win  8.1 and  Win10 systems.
Support HD HD screenThe software supports high DPI screens and will not appear blurred interfaces on high resolution displays except for Vista systems.
Hardware trigger functionHardware triggering can be used for single triggering in all sampling rates, and analysis of accidental non periodic signals.
PhnRecord the voltage changes for 72 hours, generate curves, and save data.
Real time dual trace oscilloscopeCollect and display voltage data waveform of 2 independent channels in real time.
Waveform recording and playbackInterested waveforms can be recorded into dynamic waveform video files and can be replayed at any time as waveform image observation. & nbsp; playback can pause, exit, or jump to the specified frame playback, as well as forward and backward browsing.
Printing functionPrint the report form at any time.
Trigger functionHardware triggering can be used for single triggering in all sampling rates, and analysis of accidental non periodic signals.
AC and DC couplingIt supports AC coupling and DC coupling.
Automatic measurement functionAutomatic measurement and display of multi-channel data sets: & nbsp; max imum, min imum, average, RMS, frequency, period, positive pulse width, negative pulse width, duty cycle, rise time, Pea'k and Pea'k value.
Cursor manual measurementYou can choose the area to be measured through the mouse frame to show the data of the horizontal and vertical coordinates selected by the box.
Waveform zoomThe specified waveform area can be enlarged and reduced arbitrarily in order to better observe the waveform details, and there are thumbnails showing the current zoom position.
FFT frequency domain analysisThe amplitude frequency curve of FFT is displayed in real time.
Wave translationKeyboard (left/right arrow) key or drag the control bar with the mouse to move the waveform left and right to find new points of interest.
Mathematical operationIt provides the function of adding, subtracting and multiplying waveforms of two channels. Lissajous figure supports X_Y plotting method to measure frequency or phase difference.
Text storageSave the waveform on the screen as a text sampling point data file.
Screen screenshotScreen the current software interface and waveform window to facilitate later analysis.
Overrun warningWhen the data exceeds the acquisition range, a red exclamation mark is displayed on the voltage knob of the corresponding channel to warn that the waveform has exceeded the range, but this function only warns the user and does not affect the operation of the software.
Shortcut key function(Enter)     –  start / stop
(Ctrl & nbsp; + & nbsp; & lt; & mdash;)/(Ctrl & nbsp; + & nbsp; & mdash; & gt; & nbsp; -& nbsp; waveform moving left and right (after software pause)
(Ctrl  +  P)   –  screenshot
Data buffer thumbnail functionIt can visually display the ratio of waveform data of the current screen to the size of the whole data buffer and the position relationship between them. It is convenient to locate new interest points by referring to moving left and right in the whole data buffer.
User calibration Zer'oing functionWhen the Zer'o voltage input caused by temperature difference or aging of the original is not returned to Zer'o, the user can calibrate the Zer'o voltage to Zer'o position by this function.
Afterglow displayYou can choose the afterglow display to analyze waveform jitter and change track.
Acquisition modePea'k and Pea'k acquisition mode and high resolution acquisition mode.
interpolationSine interpolation and linear interpolation are optional, in 80M  SPS sampling 0.2us and 50ns two high-speed sampling gear default open sine interpolation algorithm, using four-fold interpolation.
data recordCollecting and recording for 72 hours, generating voltage curve and generating data text.


Hardware parameters:

InterfaceUSB 2.0
Number of channels2
output1k  HZ  amplitude 1.5V; duty cycle:   50% square wave signal.
Maximum sampling rate80M  s/ps  each channel
Vertical resolution8 bit
Voltage rangePlussmn; 5V & nbsp; can be extended to & plusmn through X10 probe; 50v, through X100 probe (purchased separately) to & plusmn; 500V
Typical noise±50mv1v/div  stalls.
±25mv500mv/div  stalls.
±10mv200mv/div  stalls.
±8mv100mv/div  stalls.
±4mv50mv/div  stalls.
±2mv20mv/div  stalls.
Trigger coupling modeAC AC coupling, DC DC coupling optional.
Time range50ns  ~  2S each horizontal bar.
Trigger conditionHardware trigger
Trigger level + rising / falling edge triggering
Trigger modeAutomatic, regular   single trigger
Trigger sourceChannel A
Input impedance  1M / 25pf
Storage depth  64k  byte   each channel
Power waste<   2  tile
weight230 grams
automatic measurementMaximum, minimum, Pea'k, frequency, average, RMS, rise time, positive pulse width, negative pulse width, duty cycle
size15.25 cm X9.32 cm X2.31 cm

Package Includes:

1 x OSC482 Oscilloscope
2 x Probes
1 x USB Cable 
1 x Set Accessories

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