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Screen resolution: 320*240
Host length * width * height: 19.5cm * 9.5cm 3.7cm
Outer packing length * width * height: 28.5 cm * 23 cm * 8 cm
Host weight: 350g
Overall gross weight: 700 g
Channel: 1CH
Bandwidth: 30M
Sampling rate: 200MSa/S
Storage depth: 2K
Language: Chinese, English switching
Switching Language Step: Long Press "Parameter" Key to Switch
Power supply mode: Eurocode/American Standard 18650 removable battery
Signal Calibration: 1KHZ Square Wave
1. Can save 6 BMP format USB connected computer to view pictures.
2. Full-color display of waveform data
Incidental function: none
Package Includes:
1 x Oscilloscope
1 x  Probe
1 x  Charger
1 x  USB Data cable
1 x  18650 Battery
1 x  Explanation CD

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