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  • This product is new design and compact structure with high qualiy low price and large measuring span. It can be used in factories,miners, schools, households and electrical maintenance. It is especially suitable for eletrical teaching course and radio experiments of primary school. It has an excellent mechanical strengh and high grade of eletrical insulation.

Technical Functions:

  • (1) Measuring Span:
  • Direct Current: 0-0.5-50-250 (500) mA.
  • Direct Voltage: 0-10-50-250-500 (1000) V.
  • Alternating Voltage: 0-10-50-250-500 (1000) V.
  • Resistance: R10?100?1K.
  • Audio Electic Frequency: -20—+22DB.
  • (2) Accuracy: high.
  • (3)Size: 9cm?6cm?3cm.
  • (4)Accessory: a pair of test bar.


  • Check the measuring span and turn the knob to adjust.If the current or the voltage is unknown, choose the highest measuring span. The highest current span is 250(500)mA and the voltage span is 500(1000)V.


  • Firstly,make sure the poiter is in the zero line before measuring. If not,use the knob to adjust it.
  • (1)Direct Current(DCA):

    • Put the red plug of the test bar to the “+”(positive terminal)of the measuring device and the black plug to the“-”(negative terminal).
    • Turn the measuring span to the highest current span.
    • Series connection to the probe of the test bar to the testing circurt.
    • Read the number (mAV) from the second scale of the scale plate.
    • If the number on the scale is not clear, turn to the lowe scale to get the clear number.

    (2)Direct Voltage or Alternating Voltage (DCV or ACV):

    • Choose the highest voltage span.
    • Parallet connect the probe across the circurt.
    • Read the number from the second scale of the scale plate.(10V from the third scale which is specially made for AC 10V testing).


    • Choose the right measuring span.
    • Put the probe to shor-circurted and turn the pointer to the zero ohm line. If the pointer can not stay in the zero ohm line,
    • Its battery is running out and should be changed.
    • Read the number from the first scale.
    • Use the probe to series connect to test the eletrical equipments(if test the resistance of the circurt, you should cut off the power of the circurt and all the capacitors should be short-circurted and discharge ).


    • Brand new and high quality.
    • Model: MF-110A.
    • DC Voltage Range: 0~10~50~250~1000V.
    • AC Voltage Range: 0~10~50~250~1000V.
    • DC Current Range: 0~0.5~50~250mA.
    • Ohm Meter: Rx1K, Rx100K, Rx10K.
    • Decibels: -20dB to +22dB on AC Voltage Ranges.
    • Power Supply: 1 x AA Battery (Battery Not Included).
    • High quality mini Multimeter, wonderful instrument for electronic engineer.

    Due to the products come from different supplier , the appearance just has a little difference.

    Package Included:

    • 1 x AC/DC OHM Voltmeter Ammeter Tester MF-110A

    NO Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.

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