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►TEMPer1F_H1 thermometer is a measurement device using USB port to connect with a computer. 

►It has a outer sensor with waterproof functions. 
►It can measure the temperature of the machine and the environment accurately. 
►It must be connected with the computer to start working. TEMPer1F_H1 can be used in computer room, weather, chemical reagent and special environment temperature data acquisition. 

•Data auto save to be txt Or csv form, can be open by excel;
•Send mails function
•Graph transfer function
TXT Special button:
As long as you long pressing the TXT button for 1 second, you can read the temperature no matter in excel, text or word form without running software. 
If to stop the reading, press the TXT button again. Easy operation! 
Caps lock and Number Lock:
You don’t want to install software, OK! You can use the Caps lock and Num lock function. 
As long as you long press the caps lock or Num lock for 3 seconds, you can read the temperature no matter in excel, text or word form without running software. Then you can create curve. (Note: when you use this function, please don't do other action . otherwise , your computer will appear abnormal phenomena. )
•PCsensor USB series products, can be used on the mobile phone through OTG interface line.


Range of  temperature:   -40~+123.8 C; 
Range of  humidity: 0~100%RH
Precision of temperature : + 0.5C (at -10~+85C );  + 1.5C (at other measuring range )
Precision of humidity : + 2%RH (at 0~+80%RH); + 4.5%RH (at -80~+100%RH)
Resolution rate of temperature: 0.01C
Resolution rate of humidity:  0.03%RH
Electricity:< 5mA;
Support Windows N'T,XP, VIST;Win7,Win8
Memory requirement: 20M

Package includes:

1 x USB Thermometer
1 x Probe
1 x CD

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