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Mobile phone current maintenance method has been widely used in the mobile phone industry. Through Different current levels are used to determine the cause of the malfunction of the mobile phone, and to eliminate possible hidden troubles or leakage.This product with battery data can simulate the battery working environment in real time, so that the motherboard of the mobile phone can work for a long time without shutting down or restarting. Easy to use and accurate measurement. The product is compact and easy to carry, and it can replace the bulky desktop power supply with only one charging plug, which brings convenience to home maintenance.


For Model: iPhone 6, 6P, 6S, 6SP, 7, 7P, 8, X, XS
Powered by: Mobile phone charger, mobile power supply, USB power supply  
Input Voltage: DC 5V 
Input Current: DC >2A
Working Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃
Humidity: <75%
Size: 102 x 47 x 24mm (L*W*H)
G.W.: 250g


1. LCD display:

2. Button function:
Button: [POWER] button, [TEST] button
[POWER] button: There are long presses and short presses.
Short press: turn the power output on and off;
Long press: switch the display direction and switch between 4 directions.
[TEST] button: only short press
Short press: You can start the phone motherboard with one button, no need to boot in other ways.
Individual mobile phones can try to press for a few more seconds if they do not start up.
3. Battery data:
This product has battery data to simulate the battery working environment in real time, so that the mobile phone motherboard does not shut down for a long time without restarting.

4.Operation method
First we connect the input of the instrument to the charger or mobile power.
You can choose one of the following connections.
(1) Directly insert the charging head without input line
(2) Powering the instrument through the usb line
Note: The USB cable of the input and output must be able to pass more than 2A, and it needs to be short.
This ensures that the impedance of the line is low to achieve a perfect test result.
After connecting the charger and the mobile phone motherboard, press the [POWER] button to turn on the output. The normal voltage is between 4.15V and 4.3V. Above 4.3V and below 4.10V are abnormal phenomena and stop using.
When we haven't started the phone yet, if there is a real-time current indicating that the board is short-circuited, first eliminate the possibility of short circuit and then proceed to the next test.
After the short circuit is removed, press the [TEST] key to monitor the current running on the board. Pay attention to the change of Imax current to judge whether the motherboard is running normally. The inexperienced maintenance personnel can take a good motherboard test as a reference. Some maintenance masters it is customary to use the pointer ammeter because the pointer current meter pointer can see the range of variation in an instant swing. The digital display jumps too fast to see the range of variation. The purpose of using the maximum current lock function is to replace the pointer table and let the data see. more clearly
Package included:

1 x DT880 Mobile Phone Current Maintenance Tester
7 x 
Flat ribbon cable
2 x Data line

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